Reduce your risk related to information

Insight and Veritas give you greater visibility into your data to help you make smarter decisions regarding your information.

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Intelligent information governance

Effective decision-making as it relates to information begins with knowing your data’s age, location and ownership. Veritas Information Governance simplifies pulling these pieces together. Easily collect intelligence from multiple unstructured data sources to decrease your security risk.

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Accountability for every file

Quickly analyze and classify your file data with Veritas Data Insight. You’ll gain the analytics, tracking and reporting to help you understand file usage, prevent data loss and advance your data retention.

You can customize file workloads to meet the needs of both your organization and regulatory compliance standards. A self-service portal empowers content owners to protect data from unauthorized users and automate governance processes.

Meet legal and regulatory needs.

Now you can use one solution to streamline all requests related to regulatory and legal requirements: Veritas eDiscovery. It tackles the entire e-discovery lifecycle, including requests, collections, reviews and production. Swiftly locate documents, regardless of your data volume.

Advanced analytics allow you to pinpoint critical evidence while reducing manual processes. You can track your audits, isolate relevant items and improve your accuracy. And, automating processes such as data mapping and data classification can help you prioritize.

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Automatic retention management

Quickly comply with business and regulatory requests using Veritas Enterprise Vault, designed to help you automate your retention management, classification and supervision. Centralized management, easy scalability and the ability to deploy on premises or in the cloud improve performance.

Say goodbye to guesswork. You’ll gain visibility to make clear decisions on what information to keep or delete. And, you can expire information at predetermined lifecycle end dates, easily search through electronic communications and rapidly analyze data to speed classification.

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Cloud-based archiving

Veritas Enterprise lets you take your data governance to the cloud. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution simplifies e-discovery across both cloud and on-premise data sources. Quickly archive data, ensure compliance and experience rapid search capabilities.

Policy-driven data retention makes it easy to lock down your governance and compliance standards. You can capture metadata, analyze information or share it with outside collaborators. Or, migrate to Office 365® or the Google G Suite without worrying about compliance lapses.

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Making sense of fragmented data

Use immersive data visualization to harness the power of your unstructured data. Veritas Information Map delivers a visual experience that allows you to “see” your data across your multicloud environment.

You’ll be able to quickly spot areas of risk, waste or even unnecessary data storage. Prioritize where you need to focus to meet compliance standards. A single dashboard will help you analyze files, view ownership, understand access history and take action.

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