Insight is proud to announce we have been awarded first place on the successor to the hugely popular HTE ICT Solutions framework, HTE ComIT 2 - ICT Solutions (2019).

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions 2019 framework for the provision of enterprise level ICT solutions has been created to deliver the most cost effective and simplest route to market for all ICT requirements across all public sector organisations. The framework comprises of a single Lot in order simplify purchases for hardware and software and allow easy identification of the most suitable suppliers for end to end solutions.

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This framework agreement seeks to satisfy the requirements of Public Sector Contracting Authorities to procure all ICT needs via a preferred Direct Award process. It also provides a facility to procure bespoke ICT solutions through appropriate benchmarking or further competition procedures. The single Lot provides customers with the widest possible choice of solutions.

 It is extremely easy to access, free to use, with no commitment and fully supported by our expert procurement team. A simple phone call can get you onto the framework and purchasing your direct awarded solution or, if required you can go on to conduct a fully OJEU compliant procurement process. We offer competitive prices for goods and services based on our consortium volume leverage, which enables you to purchase your solution with confidence.

Insight is proud to have been awarded first place on this framework meaning that customers can procure via direct award whilst confidently delivering best value. No other framework supplier can make this claim.


  • Direct Award - First Place to Insight
  • Free to access and easy to use
  • Single Lot for all requirements – Software, Hardware and services
  • Consortium volume and market relative pricing
  • Highest quality, market leading brands with the widest range of services and support
  • Time and operational resource associated cost saving benefits
  • Credibility – Trusted framework with over 1000 clients already signed up and transacting

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HTE  ComIT 2 Benefits

The Framework Agreement is for the provision of Enterprise Level Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions for Hardware, Software, Programs, Applications, Security, Computer Science, Managed Services, Consultancy, Support and associated services across 1 (one) Lot. The Framework Agreement will enable customers to form subsequent Call off Contracts which meet their individual ICT requirements. The scope of this Framework Agreement every possible ICT category including the below.

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Screenshot of INSIGHT’S GUIDE TO ComIT 2 Framework

Insight's Guide to ComIT 2 Framework

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions 2 framework for the provision of enterprise level ICT solutions

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The provision of products, services and solutions for the design, supply, installation, delivery and facilitation of Enterprise Level ICT Hardware solutions, across a range of brands, specifications and manufacturers. Hardware solutions are to include; audio visual equipment, client devices, data storage solutions, digital technology devices, enterprise servers, furniture, housing and power, networking solutions, peripherals, telecommunication equipment and any other items which may be reasonably described as hardware.

This hardware categorisation ranges from single hardware purchases and modifications of hardware equipment to full Specification design, build, installation, deployment, support and maintenance of enterprise level infrastructure for complete ICT Solutions. Solutions provided under this category may include; bespoke, end-to-end hardware and infrastructure solutions.

HTE Hardware


The provision, implementation and facilitation of all software solutions. This varies from commoditised off the shelf programs, applications and software packages to complex bespoke software and system developed solutions. This incorporates all aspects of software licensing including cloud, mobile software licensing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 

Software solutions are to include; cloud service & solutions, operating software, programmes and applications, internet solutions, social media solutions, bespoke software development, auditing and testing, software asset management (SAM), software license optimization and monetization, software portfolio management (SPM), software support/ maintenance services and other products, solutions or services which may reasonably be described as Software, Development, Programs or Applications.

HTE Software

ICT Security 

The provision, implementation and facilitation of all necessary ICT elements, to provide robust defences against security threats whether internal, external, digital or physical. The security category consists of technologies, solutions, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks and data from risk. 

Security solutions are to include; hardware, software and application security, browser security, endpoint security, firewalls, forensic investigation and reporting, data security, device management, digital risk monitoring, governance/compliance management, network security, mobile security, patch configuration and management, penetration testing, risk and vulnerability solutions, security management and services, threat management, vulnerability assessment, education, training, consultancy, auditing and other products, solutions or services which may reasonably be described as ICT Security. 

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ICT Technology Assisted Services 

The supply and delivery of a variety of technology assisted services to enhance a Beneficiaries delivery, performance and experience of ICT solutions. The provision of supporting value-added services which combine with the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics. This varies from the supply of individual services to the supply of overarching solutions to enhance health, social services and public services e.g. Telehealth, Telecare and Telemedicine. 

Technology Assisted Services are to include; consultancy, advisory services, education & training, insurance, support/ maintenance services, application services, asset recovery, business continuity, disaster recovery, business intelligence and analytics, deployments, configuration, data destruction, installation, logistics, managed services, helpdesk, business process outsourcing, project management, security services, conferencing and data sharing, unified communications and convergence and other solutions which may reasonably be described as ICT Technology Assisted Services. 

HTE IT Assisted Services

Computer Science 

The provision, implementation and facilitation of all products and services to optimize and improve an organisation’s data processing capabilities; improving the quality, usability and integrity of data. This can incorporate single data projects to big data analytics with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analysis powered by high-performance analytical systems. 

Computer Science solutions are to include; automation, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and technologies, computer vision, data mining, data processing, data analysis and other solutions which may reasonably be described as Computer Science.

HTE Computer Science


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