Are you spending more than is needed when audited?

The chance of you paying a significant amount when audited by Oracle are high. That's why Insight's team of ex Oracle auditors come in, reviewing your Oracle deployments. In every case the team is engaged they are able to present an ROI 5x greater than the service fee. Let our experts analyze your Oracle Databases, Middleware or Applications. The information you will get from our analysis goes beyond any SAM tool in the market.

Oracle internal audits at Insight

We will provide you with:

  • A full baseline and license requirement position performed by ex-Oracle auditors
  • A full financial risk assessment
  • Identify any potential areas of risk and provide recommendations on how to solve them.
  • Full contract analysis
  • Negotiation & benchmarking service if needed.
Oracle internal audits at Insight

Contact our team about Internal Audits

If you would like more information about our Internal Audit Services from Insight, please contact our Oracle LCS team who will be able to find the right solution to fit your business needs. 

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