Is your business in negotiation with Oracle?

Insight's team of consultants are all ex-Oracle employees who have decades of experience negotiating on behalf of Oracle, meaning we can bring you the experience and business intelligence needed.

Insight's team will provide your sourcing team with the best negotiation advice there is,based on facts and knowledge gained by working for Oracle.

Oracle negotiation expertise at Insight

We will:

  • Identify and analyse the current agreements. – (including benchmarking)
  • Understand which value points (T&Cs) are important to our clients
  • Educate clients which terms are possible to negotiate with the SW vendor
  • Plan for how to negotiate improved terms and conditions
  • Negotiation support during an audit.
  • Execute Who, When, Where, What? Are all equally important when negotiating with vendors
  • Evaluate Benchmark any new proposal
Oracle negotiation expertise at Insight

Contact our team about Negotiation Expertise

If you would like more information about our negotiation expertise from Insight, please contact our Oracle LCS team who will be able to find the right solution to fit your business needs. 

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