Is an Oracle ULA the right agreement for you & your business?

The ULA agreement is most likely the most important Oracle agreement you ever sign. Insight's Oracle LCS team can help take you through this process.

Do you have an active ULA and are unsure on how to count the deployments? You should be aware that Oracle will most likely ask you to run their audit scripts at the end of the ULA. Experience shows that one of the most common reasons for renewing an ULA is when Oracle discovers non-compliance.

Did you just sign an expensive ULA agreement? Let our consultants help you maximize your investment. We help our clients to maximise the deployments and value of the contract, along with helping with compliancy. We also identify any potential risks in your upcoming renewal/certification.

Oracle ULA and Insight

Before you sign the ULA:

  • Analyse - is an Oracle ULA the best agreement for your business?
  • What is the business case for signing a ULA and what are the alternatives?
  • Other alternatives can be: Pool of Funds, Perpetual ULA or your own license model.
  • Which terms & conditions should you have? This is the most important agreement you sign with Oracle.
  • We can share what other clients have been offered and help your team achieve market best t&cs.

We will:

  • Provide a contract review of any Oracle ULA Proposal
  • Help you evaluate the business case for ULA.
  • Provide commercial benchmarking on ULA pricing, terms & conditions and give your procurement team the confidence that you are being offered best possible pricing
Oracle ULA and Insight

Mid into a ULA?

  • This is not the time to relax and wait for certification. Remember that the ULA is not unlimited, it has many restrictions. We can help you analysing the contract to determine any risks.
  • We will help you with a deployment plan and how to maximize the ULA. Our goal is that you shouldn’t be renewing because you didn’t have time to deploy your Oracle SW.

We will provide:

  • A full contract analysis to identify any deployment risks during the ULA
  • Best Practices approach to maximisation of an Oracle Unlimited Agreement.
  • Quarterly business tracking on the deployment of Oracle SW.
  • Quarterly compliance checks to ensure only the products covered by the ULA are being deployed.
  • Pre-planning for the certification & renewal of your Unlimited Agreement.
Oracle ULA and Insight

End of your ULA.

  • Beforeletting Oracle auditors run their scripts, let Insight take a look first and advise on what Oracle would find out. You have ex-Oracle auditors supporting your team on this to ensure full coverage.
  • Insight can help your team fill in the certification numbers to ensure you have the right count. If you count wrong, Oracle would audit you the costs which would be in the region of €47,500 for just 1 processor of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
  • Insight will provide advisory services to your vendor management team to ensure that you make the right decisions during this challenging process.

We will:

  • Optimise and evaluate the current agreement to look at the pros and cons for renewing.
  • Oracle ULAs pricing can range from 1m €+ to 50m € - We will help you with a negotiation strategy so that that any renewal proposal is market best priced.
  • Support your Software Asset Management team in fully analyzing all the deployments and how to count correctly.
  • Provide license consulting advice during the process until the certification is complete.
Oracle ULA and Insight

Contact our team about ULA Agreements

If you would like more information about the ULA Agreement services from Insight, please contact our Oracle LCS team who will be able to find the right solution to fit your business needs. 

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