Strengthen your weakest links.

PhishMe is one of the few anti-phishing solutions that turns every organization’s primary entry point for phishing — employees — into security assets by responding to real-time attack data.

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Arm your employees.

PhishMe Simulator prepares your employees to recognize and resist malicious phishing attempts. As an award-winning security-related training program, PhishMe Simulator turns your team into your first line of defense.

Immerse your employees in simulated real-life phishing scenarios that deliver a hands-on experience with safe examples and on-the-spot education opportunities. The PhishMe research team uses real phishing emails to create timely examples and keep your team nimble.

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React quickly.

PhishMe Triage is the first anti-phishing solution that allows you to automate your responses to phishing threats that bypass your email security technologies. See and analyze the threats so you can respond appropriately.

PhishMe Triage offers:

  • Flexible, fast deployment options
  • Seamless integration with existing solutions
  • A library of response hierarchies
  • Real-time visibility and fast verification

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Make it easy to report threats.

PhishMe Reporter makes it easy for your users to proactively participate in security. Employees can report a suspicious email so you can respond quickly and defend your organization.

Users can simply click the PhishMe Reporter button in their preferred email program to instantly report potential threats. Providing immediate feedback when a successful phishing attempt is reported or when an employee fails a simulated phish creates additional learning opportunities.

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Real-time responses to attacks.

PhishMe Intelligence provides accurate and timely alerts so you can take fast action when you’re under attack. Research, analyze and verify phishing threats daily to deliver a deep analysis on threats.

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Give your employees the power to become successful defenders by training them to recognize threats.

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