How can your organization benefit from video conferencing?

Two doctors collaborating

Medical training

Knowledge sharing is powerful. Video conferencing makes it easy to collaborate and train networkwide, quickly.

Surgical room

See one, do one.

Observing a surgery in progress just got a whole lot easier with ultra HD that can auto focus on the person talking.

Doctor on video conference with patient

Save on travel costs.

The house call is back. Now you can connect with patients remotely and securely from the comfort of your office.

Empowering healthcare Infographic

Empowering healthcare

Did you know video conferencing can reduce the length of ER stays by 50%? View the infographic from Poly to get a better understanding of what a video conferencing tool can do for your team.

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Additional resources

Improve your connectivity with the Poly studio bar.

See the benefits of the studio bar in action with speaker tracking and Ultra HD to help your team connect and improve patient care.

Get videoconferencing for healthcare.

Poly solutions, available from Insight, can help your organization modernize its practice for better care and cost savings.

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