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A proactive approach to cyber defense

With cybercrime on the rise, the federal government is taking a more proactive approach to security. FITARA requires agencies to conduct IT risk assessments and submit comprehensive risk reports. If you’re not sure how your agency stacks up on cybersecurity, we can help.

We have the tools and expertise needed to evaluate your level of risk, detect vulnerabilities and build your cyber defense. Our cybersecurity services address all five pillars of an effective security strategy: intelligence, infrastructure, data, applications and people.

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Ensure your agency is prepared.

Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions and services protect your agency from threats. Through complimentary offerings such as a threat briefing or a framework compare, we’ll help you establish a baseline for your agency’s current cybersecurity preparedness.

A risk and vulnerability assessment will identify security gaps in your environment. Based on your current state, we’ll build a roadmap to optimize your cybersecurity and empower your agency to predict, prevent, detect and respond to future threats.

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Intelligence that never sleeps

Observation and awareness are the foundational elements of any good cybersecurity strategy. Our security operations center will give you visibility into your IT environment with proactive, 24/7 monitoring and remediation services.

Acting as an extension of your team, our security experts will execute remote health checks and performance management for your infrastructure. You’ll benefit from:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Incident response and forensics
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Security starts in your data center.

As you build your cybersecurity strategy, keep in mind data center optimization is a key component. Modern data center technology is essential to support the latest security innovations.

Installing new security software on legacy infrastructure can disrupt systems, slow efficiency and leave holes in your protection. We’ll help you build a secure foundation, starting in your data center.

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Comprehensive security

From the data center to your endpoints, we’ll help establish next-generation solutions to protect every element of your infrastructure.

Data center

Uncompromised IT is integral to providing government services and maintaining staff productivity. By protecting your agency’s infrastructure with modern cybersecurity practices, you’ll maintain your agency’s reliability and public trust.

Block threats across endpoints, networks, data centers and the cloud with our:

  • Network monitoring
  • Forensics & data mining
  • Virtualization security
  • Asset management


As your mobile device footprint grows, protecting assets becomes a dynamic challenge. Enable your security team to monitor and control every device in your ecosystem — anytime, anywhere.

By adopting best-in-class solutions, we’ll secure all your devices with:

  • Access control
  • Secure collaboration
  • Device encryption
  • Remote wipe


Instead of attacking your systems head-on, some cybercriminals will try to access your environment through flaws in your applications. Analysis tools help you uncover and fix vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

We'll help improve your application security with:

  • Fraud detection
  • Application firewalls
  • App & source code scanning
  • Secure app engineering processes


Data at rest and in transit needs advanced encryption and access management policies. But encryption alone doesn’t guarantee safety. Equip your IT to track when, how and where data is used.

We’ll strengthen your processes for:

  • Data governance
  • Access monitoring
  • Data flow analytics
  • Data loss prevention

Get smarter about cybersecurity.

With advanced threat protection, your agency can actively defend against cyberattacks. Using proactive monitoring, attack simulations and cybersecurity analytics, we’ll help you gather actionable intelligence to detect and patch vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can get through.

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You need a data governance strategy that will help you monitor information access

Guard against unpredictability.

Perhaps the most unpredictable element of your cybersecurity strategy is your workforce and the people who access your system. You need a data governance strategy that will help you monitor information access and safeguard sensitive data. We provide:

  • Centralized directory
  • Identity governance
  • Role-based analytics
  • Privileged user controls

Modernize your government operations.

We’ll help you solve your biggest IT challenges, so you can spend more time serving the public and less on technology management. Connect with our specialists by completing the contact form or using one of the two options below.


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