Accelerated application delivery

Gain visibility into and control over complex application projects with Micro Focus® application development solutions from Insight.

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Improve your processes.

Micro Focus centralizes application tracking and management, along with your agile development progress, helping you align development and business objectives. You’ll get visibility into the entire software chain, enabling your teams to accelerate testing and increase quality.

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Deliver business value.

Project and Portfolio Management from Micro Focus provides deep data insights, hybrid project management capabilities and flexible workflows. And an open platform offers many integrations with third-party tools.

Control over the application lifecycle

Give your teams the tools to improve application delivery with Application Lifecycle Management. This software combines DevOps and development tool integrations in a broad partner ecosystem to increase collaboration and speed time to delivery.

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Confidence-inspiring testing tools

The complexity of today’s applications require extensive quality control. Avoid embarrassing bugs and post-launch mishaps with end-to-end checks.

Functional Testing solutions cover hybrid applications, cloud computing and mobile platforms to ensure everything works as it should before the public sees your product.

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Push performance to the limit.

How will your products operate under stress? Micro Focus Performance Testing tools can simulate heavy traffic to your applications and put them through complex scenarios — so you can identify weaknesses and remediate them.

This suite of best-in-class products gives you a broad range of supported protocols, assets and advanced reporting.

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Cater to your mobile audience.

The Silk Mobile bundle solution puts customer experience at the center of mobile testing activity. Efficiently create, manage and maintain functional and load tests. Streamlining your mobile experience results in optimal interactions across all devices.

A deployment time-saving tool

Deployment Automation can help you maintain continuous delivery and production deployments by automating the entire pipeline. It reduces your cycle times and gives you rapid feedback to improve testing.

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Plan and track releases.

Micro Focus Release Control uses automation to integrate and coordinate release teams. You’ll be able to track release trains, simplify the audit process and get total visibility into the timeline.

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Real-time performance tracking

Micro Focus Application Performance Management helps you isolate problems the moment they arise. It works with a flexible delivery model — choose from a combination of on-premise, software as a service or hybrid options to suit your needs.