TIBCO cloud integration

Capture and fully integrate your apps and data for agility at your fingertips, with TIBCO® solutions, available from Insight.

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Connected and augmented intelligence

You can gain efficiencies across your organization using TIBCO software. By seamlessly integrating all your systems and data, your team has global access to apps from a cohesive and user-friendly platform.

Not to mention, you can better capture and visualize information so it’s fully accessible and immediately actionable to the teams that need it. TIBCO optimizes, simplifies and automates your organization’s datasets — no matter how complex.

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Make informed and timely decisions.

Generating AI-powered analytics has never been easier. TIBCO Spotfire® boasts an intuitive user interface that empowers everyone to draw from actionable insights with efficiency.

Spotfire is a scalable, complete solution for the modern enterprise with features such as:

  • Search-driven visual analytics
  • AI-powered data preparation
  • Robust geo-analytics
  • Native streaming analytics

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Real-time data analytics streaming

See how you can capture and analyze enterprise-class data through a user-friendly, automated and agile platform with TIBCO Spotfire:

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Easily connect business apps.

You'll quickly integrate information assets with TIBCO Cloud Integration. With this integration platform as a service (iPaaS) software, you can intuitively define connectivity, migrations or replications with multiple systems.

Compatibility and location aren’t an issue, either. With an API-led approach, the software empowers users everywhere to connect popular endpoints and technologies, creating endless efficiencies for your business.

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Agile application integration

Operating in the digital age requires quick, data-informed decision making. You can accelerate the speed of business and enhance workflows by quickly combining technology services.

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Fast integration

Users are empowered with intuitive self-service integration, so teams can act quickly to make full use of tech investments.

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Limitless access

Access TIBCO Cloud from anywhere and connect with information hosted by a myriad of cloud and on-premise environments.

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Data discovery

By quickly integrating apps on a standard, intuitive interface, users are equipped with insights that inform business innovation.