Build an interconnected, smart retail environment.

Uniting your information — from warehouse to checkout — is critical to identifying new business opportunities, improving processes and understanding buyer habits. Insight Connected Platform for retail helps you manage people, places, things and dings in one easy-to-use application.

Modernize your retail organization with a flexible
and scalable IoT solution.

  • Monitor retail and warehouse spaces.
  • Track elevated temperatures in group settings.
  • Promote social distancing with smart contact tracing wearables.

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A scalable, cloud-based platform

Built on Microsoft® Azure®, Connected Platform is designed to cut development costs, propel efficiency and enable faster deployment. You'll be able to unite data sources to provide meaningful insights, so you can meet current and future business requirements.

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Environmental monitoring for your business

Controlling your retail spaces protects your customers, employees and products. You can use environmental monitoring to keep food items fresher, reduce perishable inventory spoilage and save stocked goods from premature decay. Plus, maintaining ideal conditions can conserve energy, further saving money in the long term.


Keep refrigerated goods at optimal temperature to maximize shelf life.


Regulate air for excessive moisture to ward off mold, decay and corrosion.

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Retail IoT integrations

Meaningful data and helpful visualizations transform how you serve customers. Our experts will develop an IoT strategy that puts your biggest data needs first. We’ll then integrate your smart devices with the Connected Platform.

You’ll get contextual, use-based and real-time information from all your devices in one dashboard. Leverage key insights to generate new revenue and improve service capabilities.

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Connected Food

Organizations that grow, distribute, sell and serve food are using IoT sensor data to keep food fresh and safe — reducing waste and supporting equipment maintenance in the process. Discover how you can use Connected Food to modernize your food services operations.

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Support employee and customer safety

Promote recommended safety precautions with thermal cameras, sanitizing stations and more. Our Detection and Prevention solution unifies sensor data in a single dashboard to help detect for symptoms and prevent the spread of disease. Leveraging machine learning, the customized application can provide notifications and guidance for social interactions that align with your organization’s requirements.

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Our approach

We leverage deep technical expertise and support from 3,500+ partners to create end-to-end solutions. Insight has broad capabilities — we can offer strategic guidance, supply devices, install sensors and support the infrastructure.

Our hands-on process includes:

  • Defining transformation requirements
  • Building a proof of concept
  • Creating a minimal viable product
  • Scaling and optimizing the solution

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation.


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