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Personalization & preferences

Our customization capabilities give you complete control over user access and roles in your myInsight portal. Tailoring a catalog for your organization ensures you’re investing in the right technology.

Whether you’re setting preferences for an individual user account, group or the entire organization, you'll have:

  • Role-based permissions for every feature
  • Company standards of preferred products
  • Customized order templates



Simplify on-contract purchasing while controlling technology procurement costs. When searching products, you can compare prices across every contract tied to your account or filter to see only prices for a chosen contract.

Diagram displaying the purchasing options journey from logging in to order placement

Purchasing options

IPS myInsight serves as a single portal for purchasing and managing technology. Your account reduces bottlenecks around purchase and approval management to save time and money and minimize human error.

Automate your processes with defined approvals based on dollar amounts. And create order fields for custom data, such as cost centers, department codes and order notes.

Screenshot of real time data dashboard


Streamline your purchasing tasks with real-time data displayed on a single dashboard specific to your procurement role. You can tailor the view for fast insights into the most recent purchases, invoices, order statuses, pending approvals and more with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Order tracking and reporting dashboard

Order tracking & reporting

Our procurement analytics tool helps you make strategic hardware, software and cloud buying decisions with 360-degree views of your purchases. Examine canned, custom, and ad hoc reports on orders, products, inventory and more.

From shipped item to invoice, it's easy to track the status of your orders and stay up to date.

Software asset management tool dashboard

Software asset management

Our Software Asset Management (SAM) solution lets you provision and monitor licenses, so you only pay for what you need. By providing a seamless experience for tracking, analyzing and managing your software rights, you can ensure compliance and save on licensing costs.

The Enterprise License Dashboard will help you analyze your licensing entitlements and compliance posture. And the Enterprise License Manager streamlines the process of reassigning licenses.

Renewals and warranty management dashboard

Renewals & warranty management

Easily track upcoming renewals and maintenance contracts from any vendor with our Renewals & Warranty Manager tool. A comprehensive view will help you reduce costs while accelerating your renewals process.

Streamlining the procurement process

Seamlessly accessing and managing best-fit technology resources is crucial to supporting your organization’s objectives. Learn how advanced tools help optimize your supply chain to fulfill that mission.

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