Simplify your access to data

Software-defined storage solutions from Insight and Veritas give you massive performance gains while reducing costs.

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Maximum efficiency realized

Ensure your mission-critical applications can always access data. Veritas Software-Defined Storage for High Performance Applications boosts performance while reducing traditional storage area network costs by up to 60%.

And, you can easily control your growing data volume. Veritas Access Scale Out Software-Defined Storage for Network Attached Storage (NAS) Architecture uses multiprotocols — so your legacy and new applications no longer must compete. Access data anywhere: in the cloud, on premises or in OpenStack® clouds.

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Put unstructured data to work for you.

Veritas Access delivers software-defined data storage for unstructured data. It uses multiprotocol data access — and any server and hardware you choose — to increase performance for both legacy and new applications.

Move files based on usage and automatically remove older files, or those no longer necessary. You can also transfer data to and from multiple environments, as well as move workloads based on your needs. Experience agility, without being locked in to one vendor.

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Effective cloud storage

Further harness the power of unstructured data through the on-premise object storage capabilities of Veritas Cloud Storage. You can scale your data storage, enable cloud-native apps and meet compliance requirements with this key component of Veritas 360 Data Management.

It also provides a deeper dive for your data classification, indexing and analytics. Veritas helps you quickly create new data policies or modify existing ones. And, you can automate key processes, such as data retention and protection across multiple data sources.

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Scale your storage as you grow.

The Veritas Access appliance combines software and pretested, preconfigured hardware in a single solution — so you can replace antiquated storage with a high-performance, cost-saving solution.

Build or use the cloud service of your choice while decreasing your storage costs. Integration with Veritas NetBackup gives you reliable data protection, including classification and deduplication abilities. Or, use it as your primary archive for Veritas Enterprise Vault.

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Built for hybrid clouds

Ensure availability and easy management for every cloud environment with Veritas InfoScale Enterprise. It simplifies scaling your storage to the cloud and keeps mission-critical databases available. Match your costs to your needs.

While leveraging your existing storage, you don’t want to have to rip and replace. And with Veritas, you don’t have to. Work with the hardware platforms that suit your organization. Clustering technology allows you to protect your storage 24/7, so you can achieve zero downtime.

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